Get to know the importance of creating a website for your company

Get to know the importance of creating a website for your company
By  Admin  |   16 Jun 2021

When you need to buy a product or service, but don't know where to find it, what do you do? I guess your first action is to search for companies on the internet, right? Nowadays, the convenience of searching for products and even buying them on the web has changed the consumer experience. 

Despite this, many brands still do not understand the importance of creating a website, even though experts argue that companies that do not have a page on the Internet are practically invisible. 

Did you know that maintaining an institutional website makes a good impression, opens doors to new business and still presents sales opportunities to the potential customer? In addition, it is also a powerful dissemination tool, after all, with your own website, you don't just depend on social networks and paid media.

In this article, we will explain in detail what is an institutional website and what are its main advantages:

What is an institutional website?

An institutional website is a web page that has the purpose of disclosing information about a company, its services and products. It is an important communication channel between the brand and its customers. To be considered functional, the website needs to be tailor-made to meet the needs of the business. In order to provide results, it must embrace the entire world of a company: brand history, organizational culture, products and services offered, successful cases and a blog are some of the options to feed the page.

As one of the digital marketing strategies, the institutional website is regarded as an essential tool for the company to gain notoriety, credibility, expand the business and be found by users. These are already good reasons to invest in a website, don't you think? 

Advantages of having your own institutional page

Now that you know what an institutional website is, how about knowing in more detail the advantages it presents?

Enhances your brand image

When it comes to corporate digital presence, the company's image grows stronger as it dominates new channels.

Therefore, going online and working so that the brand is always well ranked in search engines, allows more people to be reached and, consequently, to be interested in your product or service.

Allows customization

It is common sense that every company needs to keep their social networks active, right? But when a third-party platform is used, the strategies are subject to terms of use and privacy policy, in addition to having limited functionality. 

The fact is that social networks control brands, not the other way around. If one day the owner of the network decides to extinguish the platform, nothing can be done about it. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to create their own websites, since, in addition to not being able to be deleted at any time, it can be customized according to the needs of the company, without any restrictions.

Generates credibility

The user searches the website of a company to seek more information about how it positions itself and interacts with the news on the web to assist in the moment of the purchase decision. 

Therefore, a company needs to be present on the internet and when this does not happen, the user is suspicious: either the company is not trustworthy, or it is too outdated and does not have technological resources to serve its customers.

Serves as an information bank

The institutional website can be used as an information bank by the business. There, you can publish important information, updates and content about the brand.

Beyond the opening hours and e-mail for contact, the page should offer the user a detailed list of products and services. When websites detail what is offered, the chances of the customer becoming insecure or regretting the purchase are less than the usual.

Increases the number of customers

With a well executed website, the number of customers will certainly grow faster, but don’t miss one important detail: keep producing relevant content and bet on SEO strategies to get your webpage to the top of Google search. That way, people interested in your products or services will find your website easily. 

Maintain the high quality of your website

Finally, we call your attention to the fact that your website should please customers in several aspects, such as: design, relevant content, usability and speed. The investment may be a little too high, but bear in mind that your webpage is an essential tool for your brand to stand out in the market. 

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