What is the difference between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing?

What is the difference between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing?
By  Admin  |   09 Apr 2021

In the digital marketing world, the debate about Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing has gained more and more space.

Because they are relatively new terms, many people are confused: some think they are different, while others believe that they are the same, but with different names. But, after all, are they opposed concepts or synonymous?

Neither. Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing complement each other! Want to know how? Keep reading this post and understand more about each of the strategies.

What is Inbound Marketing

In literal translation, Inbound Marketing can be defined as Attraction Marketing. The guiding idea of ​​this strategy is to think that, instead of the company going after the client, they will search the company on the web, whether through search engines, website, social networks, etc.

With Inbound, the customer finds the company, but not necessarily to buy from it. The sale is not pushed, it happens naturally when the user knows the brand and finds the solution to their problems.

Unlike traditional marketing, Inbound Marketing expands the possibilities of relationship, as it is structured from a sales funnel that follows this order: visitors ➥ leads ➥ opportunities ➥ customers.

There are several mechanisms that contemplate Inbound Marketing, the best known are: SEO, marketing automation, leads generation, social networks and content marketing. You must be asking yourself how Content Marketing can be part of Inbound Marketing. You will understand this better as follows!

What is Content Marketing

Cutting to the chase, Content Marketing consists of all the material produced with the aim of attracting, educating, entertaining and informing possible customers. So, it is one of the main fuels of Inbound.

Content Marketing seeks to attract customers by creating relevant content, such as texts, videos, ebooks, social media posts, etc. He does not promote the brand directly as an advertisement, but adds value to the target audience by offering solutions to their problems.

After all, what is the difference between the two?

In summary, it is possible to understand Inbound Marketing as a conversion and sales strategy. At the same time that Content Marketing is a mechanism of attraction and relationship with possible customers.

That's where the difference is: Content Marketing can be considered a portion of Inbound Marketing, which aims to attract, educate and attract the attention of leads, while the other parts of the strategy focus on conversion actions.

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