The difference between front end and back end in web development

The difference between front end and back end in web development
By  Admin  |   27 May 2021

It is known that having a website is key for the success of a digital business, right? Today they work pretty well, they are intuitive and personalized, but things were not always like that.

Do you know what technologies have changed this scenario? Well, the front end and the back end are some of them, as they are responsible for the interaction between what the user sees and what is behind the page. 

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What is the front end?

Front end is the part of the programming in charge of the application of a website, that is, the part with which the user interacts directly: the page interface. So, the front end assists the pages with good navigation, responsive with optimized loading, among other features.

Front-end developers use the base technologies to create web pages, such as: HTML (markup language), CSS (style language) and JavaScript (scripting / programming language).

Usually the roles of web designers and front-end developers are mixed up, though they are quite distinct: designer uses tools to design the interface, like Photoshop and Sketch, whereas the front-end developer is closer to programming by developing the code so the graphical interface could run on web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

What is the back end?

Back end, as the name implies, comes from the idea of ​​what is behind an application. This programming part implements architectures that communicate with the database, within the website. To comply with this, the developer applies validation and security rules so that the user does not have access or gets able to manipulate any code.

To illustrate, let's take an example of the work of the back end: do you know when you are browsing a website and the “Download our ebook” button is on the page? The button itself is created by the front-end developer, whereas all the coding for it to work is done by the back-end developer. 

Back-end developers work with command line, website and data analysis tools. All this can be done from several languages ​​such as PHP, Ruby, Java, Phyton, C # among others.

What is the importance of the front-end and the back-end for a digital business?

For a business that runs online, its website works like the company’s headquarters. That’s the place where the company presents itself, hosts and attends customers; and also offers its products. That being said, that’s where the brand must focus its energy to make a good impression and gain trust from the audience.

The page, to work and offer the best experience to the user, must have a pleasant design, intuitive navigation, fast loading, be responsive and provide functional features. This is where the front-end and back-end developers come in, as they are responsible for these attributes.

In addition, a well-developed website with these techniques is likely to rank better on the main search engines since they make use of tools that browse the internet and performs the verification of the architecture of websites, codes, security of data, and many other elements.

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