Learn to expand your creativity

Learn to expand your creativity
By  Admin  |   07 Feb 2018

Many people think of creativity as a gift, something that people bring from the cradle. But in fact, creativity is something that can be stimulated and developed at any point in a person's life.

   The truth is that creativity is not based on creating new things from scratch. Therefore, references play an important role in the authoring process, as this causes you to create things in ways that have not yet been created.

   Creativity is something exercisable and not derived from inspirations and you can look for techniques that help in this process of stimulating creativity. In history, many people have sought to hone their creativity, such as Walt Disney, who was rejected for not being so creative.

   Even today we find barriers in society that prevent people from being creative or innovating. Whether it's for prejudice or the belief that only great people can be creative, but Walt was a person just like anyone else and was nothing less than the co-founder of the Walt Disney Company, as well as creator of the Disney animations we know of today. of Walt Disney World. Walt's story shows that all people can be creative if they look for techniques that stimulate their creativity like the following.

Have a close look

   Every day people act and do things in the same way, without paying attention to the details. One of the ways to instigate creativity is to look around, to notice things that you have not seen before.

  Sometimes you make the same path to your job every day or to your college and do not look around. Increasing your awareness during these paths will make you see the differences that come your way and this causes your mind to create associations of things that you could not see before.

   In addition to stimulating your vision, it also stimulates your thoughts to create new things and in a more creative way, since it increases your field of vision about the things of your day to day.

Seeking curiosity

   After you stimulate your gaze during your days, your curiosity about things will increase. Finding unresolved issues will cause you to ask questions for yourself by showing your curiosity about things you did not even want to see before.

   The importance of developing curiosity is that it will bring you new thoughts, not the same ones you always had. This allows you to create a diversity of new knowledge and combine ideas more quickly. One must look for thoughts out of the box that we are accustomed to being, looking for the new and knowing about things that before you were not so curiosity like that.

To think differently

   Things that seem mundane in everyday life have great potential for new solutions. Sometimes we are accustomed to doing things as we have learned as children and we do not realize that there are much more practical ways of doing something.

   "How can I do my daily work differently?" And "Is there a more practical and better solution to what I'm doing?" Are questions you should ask yourself to seek different thinking. The important thing is that you try to find new ways to solve the same problems.

To relax

 Thinking about innovation all the time and having to be creative is also a problem. When we focus too much on something, due to fatigue, we usually cause something to get lost in the middle of the process.

   Your brain also needs some time to assimilate all the information it receives, especially when it is looking for solutions to problems. Therefore, it is essential that you find ways to relax all that energy that creativity provides, taking a nap, seeing something you enjoy, listening to music or in the way that is most relaxing for you.

Courage to innovate

   All people generally act according to habits and also by the way they have learned, in a linear fashion. When something escapes this linearity, it causes reactions like fear.

   The mechanized way we learn to do things is not always right, so courage is one of the ideal precepts to let creativity lead you to something innovative.

   When you come across questions and ideals in your mind that you think are not that important or may even look like idiots, it is time to let the courage guide you. Many of the cool inventions we see today were created by ideas that people thought were not going to work.

Write down your ideas

   You need to know that one of the key techniques in this process of pursuing creativity is the organization. There is not just one type of specific organization, but it is important that you seek the one that best fits your job.

   You can have a table with several note pads, post-it, calendars, whiteboards, calendars. And also look for other colors than black and white, which may increase your perception.

    The important thing is that there is where to write down your ideas and that this place is something of a highlight for you, so when you are in creative moments put your ideas on paper and do not just leave them lost as an idea whatsoever.

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