How much does a custom website cost?

How much does a custom website cost?
By  Admin  |   23 Jan 2018

How much does a custom website cost?

This is a very common question, and the answer is not an easy one, but before talking about website prices, some considerations should be made:
Every businessman, small, medium or big, when thinking of being on the Internet, starts thinking about a website, and how much it costs to have a custom website made.
But for him to have a precise answer to this question, first he has to know a few things:
Who will access this site?
What message will he convey with this site?
How (and by whom) will future updates be made on this site?
How will he check how many visits the site receives? Where are they from? What are people seeing? Which pages keep the visitor focused on the site?
Does he need a "Ferrari" to begin with?
Is a website really fundamental?
And above all, how will he attract visitors to the site?
There are companies which offer sites at very low prices, around $ 100.00 or $ 150.00, while other sites offer values 10x more expensive than these, or even more.

How to know who is charging a fair price?
The best way is to understand what is included in the proposal.

Does the site include a control panel for you to update it without depending on anyone?
Has the company been on the market for more than 5 years, if not, when you need them, you might find out that they didn't last a year in the market, and now you're left hanging.
Is hosting included? If not, what is the monthly cost of hosting?
How will visits audit be done? By an official Google™ report, or just any report that is done in the developer's basement?
However, the most important of all, is to think about the issue of advertising your website, and to take this value into consideration when calculating expenses on your digital presence.
A custom website of $ 2.000 may be beautiful, but it will not bring you Google™ results if certain steps aren't taken to ensure this.
Some companies sell projects with so-called optimized sites with promise that it will always appear on Google, but in 99% of cases that is not true.
For a site to be seen by Google™, and appear well when someone searches for the subject matter for the site.

You have the following options:
Have Google Adwords - Sponsored Links
Constantly update your site, always keeping it fresh and with relevant information for those who search.
Being on sites that REALLY brings results on Google™.
Having a blog complementing the subjects on the site.
Having fast hot sites for fast moving subjects, such as sales, clearance sales or trendy subjects.
Using an effective strategy and proven Inbound Marketing. - Click here to know more.

Do you understand what's in play here?
It’s no use having the most beautiful site in the world if it does not appear on Google™, so do not spend a fortune with sites, because you will need money to advertise it.
Share your budget between the construction of your website and its advertisement. This way you'll have a worthy website.

Do you want my help?
If you liked what you read and and now you have an idea of how much it costs to maintain a website and want my help before starting to develop it, I can help you as follows:
a) Complete this online form so that I can learn more about your needs. Once I get it, I will get in touch with an appropriate proposal to your needs.

Sites for small businesses
Almost 200.000 people have read this post in the last 3 years, and the vast majority of professionals looking for a custom website was about to start a project or wanted his first website for a small business. What do we recommend in these situations?
A personalized website with a mobile version, control panel for updates and 12 months of included hosting, with up to 4 pages, is what any small business needs and is willing to pay.

Free website - Is there such a thing?

To begin with, let's face it, there are rather good tools for you to make your own website without having to know a single line of programming.
So, you wouldn't pay anything to develop your site, since you're doing it yourself, but this does not mean you will not spend some money.
At the very least you will have to pay for hosting, or use a very limited version of a website building program or, as we say technically, a site builder.

Much cheaper.
Of course, this option makes your project much cheaper, but it will take more work than simply ordering your project from a professional.
Something to take into account is that you'll have to get your hands dirty and use the best available tool to make the endeavor worth your time.

Besides being easy to use, the tool should bring as many complementary tools as possible, such as blog builders and audience management tools.
Fortunately, my article is constantly being read and 100% of my readers found me through Google™.

They search for sites, site's cost, just your usual search for someone who is thinking about starting to use the Internet as a business ally.
Unfortunately, I realise that on many occasions the projects remain unfinished for lack of resources.
So, I would like to invite you to get to know an excellent alternative for you to make your business happen on the Internet, even if you don't have a site.

Here you will have at your disposal the same strategy used by the industry whales, in the same way you found me on Google™, you will be found by many people who certainly look for your business on the web!



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