Easy innovates with openness to partnerships

Easy innovates with openness to partnerships
By  Admin  |   11 Apr 2018

  Easy wants to help you become an innovative business. The novelty is that now you can achieve this by partnering with us. If you feel like opening a new business or already have your business and would like to improve it, we will support you in this.

  Easy's new partnerships will work in three ways. The first is White Label, which is for those who want to offer their services through their own brand and only uses Easy as an outsourcer, is best applied to companies that are already in the market and offer the same services as Easy.

  The second will be the commercial partnership, where you can introduce us to your customer as a business partner and this will increase your trustworthiness to close the deal, apply better to companies that do not provide the same services and already have their brand consolidated.

  And the third is you using our brand, where you can introduce yourself as Easy, which will increase your credibility, increasing the likelihood of winning a new customer by using a brand that is almost 10 years old.

  In addition, Easy showed a growth of 228% more than the previous year, both in demand and delivery. That is why we can bring you, along with a large number of customers, large positive numbers.

  In all three options, you or your company may be set commission and we will also assist our partners in prospecting local clients.

  Easy's goal in opening doors to new partners is to generate more jobs with Easy's system, so initial fees will not initially be charged. Partnerships increase the knowledge of the Easy brand and thus will be a mutual gain among the partners.

  A commercial partner of ours will have several advantages, among them, the main ones will be: publicity material, document models, tools for sales management and automation, technical and process training. We will have a great investment in tools that will help you win your customers quickly, without having to start from scratch.

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