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Step-by-Step Construction of a Customer Registration Form with Easy Builder

This article outlines the step-by-step construction of a customer registration form using the Easy Builder tool

By Admin  |   10 Jan 2024
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Crucial differences between forms and pages in Easy Builder

Easy Commtech is launching a revolutionary no-code development tool on the market: Easy Builder. This powerful platform allows users to create a variety of resources, from customized websites to complex systems such as ERP and CRM, all without requiring programming knowledge.

By Admin  |   10 Jan 2024
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Understand the difference between no-code and low-code

Creating apps has never been easier: with low-code and no-code, just drag-and-drop elements for the magic to happen

By Admin  |   16 Aug 2021
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MVP: definition, importance and why it is essential to your company

MVP is concept to validate a product or service idea and improve it based on market feedback; Discover how this strategy can make a difference in your business

By Admin  |   02 Aug 2021
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Discover 5 real cases of companies that use Big Data

Large companies have bet on Big Data to process information and identify new business opportunities

By Admin  |   14 Jul 2021
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Have you considered investing in startups?

By Admin  |   19 Nov 2019
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