Newsletter and email marketing: know the difference

Newsletter and email marketing: know the difference
By  Admin  |   22 abr 2021

Did you know that over 95.9% of internet users check their inbox every day? This data proves that email is a great tool to promote products, content, sales discounts and marketing strategies in general.

And, although there are several email formats for communicating with customers, today, we are going to focus on the most popular ones: newsletter and email marketing. Because, as much as many people mix the two, they have very different purposes, did you know? 

What is email marketing? 

Email marketing a strategy for sending emails to a specific contact list, with the purpose of establishing a special relationship with each recipient. 

Its format is like a letter: direct, humanized, designed for each person and has an individual message. There are several types, most common are:

  • Newsletter (you got that right);

  • Promotional email;

  • Welcome email; 

  • E-commerce;

  • Survey Researches. 

The purpose of email marketing is to draw the customers' attention, promote a launch, send special offers and distribute quality content.  Consequently, it’ll give you a great return over investment (ROI).

What is a newsletter? 

We already gave you a spoiler there, but let's sum it up: a newsletter is one of email marketing types!

Its goal is to send relevant content to the target audience and engage.

However, as informative as they may seem, in the world of marketing, newsletters are part of the ad campaigns with a greater focus on products or services to establish a continuous relationship

A newsletter usually is sent periodically (daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly) and has an editorial line linking to another media. For instance informing about the latest news published on the company's blog. From the  frequency of emails the customer establishes a trustful relationship with the brand.

After all, what is the difference between newsletter and email marketing?

As much as email marketing may look like a newsletter, it became clear that they have differences, right? While email marketing works to capture leads, the newsletter has the power to build relationships and strengthen the brand.

Another difference is that email marketing works mainly to advertise products and services, whereas newsletter displays contents in a bulletin format. In addition, the first one is aligned with a commercial calendar, while the second is sent out with a defined frequency.

Now, it's easier to tell the difference between newsletter and email marketing, isn’t it? Both models can add a lot to a company, as long as they are aligned with the brand's marketing strategies.

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