How to start your Digital Marketing strategy?

How to start your Digital Marketing strategy?
By  Admin  |   10 Jun 2021

Much more than a trend or “fad”, Digital Marketing has consolidated itself as an essential part of companies' advertising strategies, since it is cost-effective when acquiring clients, it also impacts on the sales of the business and increases company’s visibility in the market. Next, read more about this method and learn how to start your social media strategy:

Reach in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is done through a set of activities performed on the internet to achieve well-defined goals, such as attracting new business, creating a closer relationship with customers or developing a brand identity.

This method is so effective that, according to data from Social Media Trends 2019 - from Rock Content, approximately 96.2% of companies are now investing in social media. The interviewees stated that the possibility of marketing the brand, engaging with the audience, increasing traffic on the blog or website, as well as increasing sales and the number of customers are the biggest advantages of this kind of investment.

How to Make a Digital Marketing Strategy

Don’t delude yourself: Digital Marketing is only effective when it is thought out and is planned according to a well-defined strategy. To illustrate the importance of this technique, Social Media Trends 2019 pointed out that companies that invest in strategies like this, reach the number of visits 1.5 times higher than those that do not. 

Therefore, it is very important to plan each step to be followed on your social networks. Next, see how to start a positioning focused on bringing results to your brand. 

Have well-defined goals

No strategy is well planned if its objectives are not clear, so think carefully about what you want to achieve with a particular action. Social networks allow you to increase traffic to your website, make your brand better known in a given square, capture new leads, and many more. However, don't let this distract you: focus on your defined goals and make plans to achieve them.

Create your persona

With the objectives well defined, it's time to create your persona or personas. It will be the fictional character that is going to represent your ideal clients and will guide you when creating your marketing actions. 

To build that persona, conduct a survey of your current customer portfolio, talk to your sales team, and map the main characteristics of the leads. Then, create an ideal character with name, age, position, personal life, hobbies, problems, challenges, channels you use most, etc.

Define distribution channels and formats

As you have already done a study on your persona, now you have to identify which social networks this persona uses. The most popular channels today are websites, Instagram, facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but before planning strategies for all of them, find out which ones attract the most attention from your audience.

The next step is to find formats that pique the interest of your persona, they can be simple posts on social networks, blog posts, marketing emails, ads in apps and in short, everything will depend on who your audience is. Find it out, bet on it and test until it works out.

Look into the sales funnel 

The sales funnel is the representation of all steps that customers go through before buying a certain product. Learn more about each step:

  • Top of the funnel: The customer still doesn’t know that he has a problem to be solved with his product, so in this stage of marketing, you must produce content that arouses a need in customers. Advertising products is not a good option here, take the opportunity to generate engagement. 

  • Middle of the funnel: At this stage, the customer already has a problem in his mind, so he will start looking for alternatives to resolve that issue. Then you will take the opportunity to showcase your products, offer more exclusive content and ask for information in return to create a network of leads.

  • Bottom of the funnel: Here, the customers are already aware of the problem and its possible solutions, so they are also ready to be approached by your sales team. At this stage, you must show the customer why you are the best choice and how much of an authority you are in your niche.

Create a content plan

Now you already have the most relevant information for the production of content, so it's time to get your hands dirty and create an editorial calendar. That’s essential because it will help you create more assertive, well-distributed and memorable content for your audience.

When creating your content plan, also consider investing in paid media to increase your reach if you need quick results.

Define and track metrics

After starting your Digital Marketing positioning, it is important to monitor the results in order to check the efficiency of the strategies and, from there, change the course when necessary or enhance the actions that are bringing results.

Then, define and track the metrics that show whether your goals are being achieved or not. For this, you can use tools that monitor the visits to your website (Google Analytics), indicate the statistics of your networks (MLabs), and that optimize your time (EasyBuilder).

In this article, you saw some important points to start your position in Digital Marketing on the right foot. To go deeper into this topic, check out some tips for content creation. 


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