Find out what marketing automation is and how it optimizes budget

Find out what marketing automation is and how it optimizes budget
By  Admin  |   26 mar 2021

In 2018, a survey by consulting firm Gartner predicted an increase in marketing investment for 2019. One in six dollars in the marketing sector would be spent on innovation-related initiatives.

This is because almost 60% of the 621 marketing executives interviewed were expecting to increase their investments in technology marketing, a sector that has continued to grow at an accelerated rate over the past few years.

In 2018, this sector represented 29% of the total marketing budget, while in 2017, it represented 22%. And do you know what the main advantage of this is? The reduction of human capital risks and, of course, the optimization of the budget.

Automation is positive and you can count on it if you want. Want to know more about it? Find out in the next lines all about this tool and see how it works for any type of company that wants to grow and profit in the market!

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the strategy for using technology to automate marketing processes and tasks. This strategy involves using software to reach potential customers on a large scale.

In this sense, marketing automation works in a personalized way, understanding the interests of new customers and offering the necessary information for all stages of purchase.

How does marketing automation help you get more results?

Since automation works in a personalized and scalable way, it consequently reduces manual labor and expenses. On the other hand, it increases the efficiency of actions and helps other strategies to have more results. Actually, not only more results, but also more effective results. The actions of marketing, sales, communication and customer service begin to move in a more integrated and automated way, reaching more and more customers.

How does marketing automation work in the company's everyday life?

Unlike what many people think, marketing automation is not a robotic and expensive system. It is an accessible and effective tool, which can be applied in the most diverse functions, such as:

  • Social Media

  • Marketing e-mail

  • Custom Forms

  • Customized and assertive landing pages

  • Analysis and monitoring of indicators

  • Integration with other company’s strategies

Applying marketing automation facilitates the team's routine, since tasks now rely on the use of technology. This ends up reducing the cost of acquiring customers, in addition to attracting and retaining them more conveniently.

How to implement marketing automation successfully?

Learn that in order to take advantage of marketing automation, like optimizing your budget, for instance, you need to choose a tool that is suitable for your business. And for that, research is fundamental in decision making.

Look for a survey of good software and technology service companies to facilitate your journey. Thus, you increase the chances of successfully implementing automation in your business.

Do you need any help to implement it? Contact our team and we will help you choose a tool that will generate positive results to your company!


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