E-commerce: Check out 9 reasons to start investing right now

E-commerce: Check out 9 reasons to start investing right now
Por  Admin  |   02 Jul 2021

In the first quarter of this year, Brazilians made more than 78.5 billion orders over the internet, which represents an increase of 54% compared to the same period last year, according to the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (Abcomm).

This is just one of the factors that prove that e-commerce has been consolidated as one of the most promising sales modalities in the market and that it can be a great opportunity to leverage business.

However, industry growth is not the only reason. Check out 9 more reasons that will convince you to start an e-commerce and expand your business to the virtual environment:

Why should you invest in e-commerce?

1 - Ease to get started

With e-commerce, things get easier: to make a virtual store work, just select a domain and a platform, choose a layout, define the means of payment and delivery logistics and that's it: your e-commerce will be ready to make the first sales! 

2 - Low initial investment 

Betting on a new business model is not always an easy decision because it usually involves a big investment. E-commerce goes on a different path: the low initial investment is one of its main advantages! To give you an idea, for e-commerce to remain working, you only need to keep the domain, hosting and platform monthly fees up to date and this value is easily offset by the sales flow.

3 - Greater convenience and comfort for the consumer

For some time now, consumers have preferred to buy without leaving their home in order not to face lines, traffic and crowded parking lots.

Being able to choose from the wide variety of products right in the palm of your hand makes the shopping experience more relaxed and this, in itself, is a good reason to have e-commerce. 

4 - Lean infrastructure

To maintain a physical store, in addition to hiring a team, there are costs with rent, furniture, structure and much more. With e-commerce, the demand for this infrastructure is almost non-existent, as it only requires good inventory control, which can be done by the entrepreneur even at home.  

5 - Attractive showcase 

When we buy in a physical store, we hardly find information about the product and  the price. In the virtual world, this is not a concern! 

With e-commerce, the seller can provide the consumer with as much information as possible about the product, which ends up making the store showcase more attractive and avoiding future complaints about dissatisfaction. 

6 - Open 24/7

While physical stores have opening and closing hours, e-commerce keeps products on sale 24/7, meaning that no sales are lost. 

In addition, business marketing works in a similar way, as it is not necessary to wait for the store to open on a certain day or time to make an ad or launch a promotion. 

7 - No borders to sell

Have you thought about expanding your sales beyond your neighborhood or city? Considered by many to be the main advantage of e-commerce, the inexistence of geographic barriers increases sales and further enhances the company's results.

8 - Better customer relationship

With e-commerce, it is possible to connect different communication channels to interact and relate with consumers, which assures greater agility and quality of service. By doing this, you create a community of users around your brand, making your online store a real success! 

9 - Results monitoring

Tracking user behavior is one of the principles of those who work with the internet, but did you know that this is also possible in e-commerce?

Mapping which audience accesses the site, which product is most sought after, how many times the consumer has visited a page, generating reports, among other things, are just some of the possibilities that can help you better understand the progress of your business.

You can already understand how much investing in e-commerce can be promising for a company, isn't it? So, how about taking your ideas off paper and putting them into practice? You will certainly not regret it! 

We, at Easy, can help you on this mission! We have great experts in creating high-performance e-commerce only waiting for you! Contact us: easy@easycomtec.com 


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