Case - Solutek

Case - Solutek
By  Admin  |   25 Aug 2023

The Client: Solutek, a company founded in 2008, is at the forefront of the market for technological solutions and industrialized products, specializing in the manufacture of equipment for various industrial segments. Solutek operates in more than 35 countries and is the only company that offers complete solutions for end-of-line equipment and industrial automation, from product entry to delivery to the end consumer. 

The Challenge: To develop a website, translate content, create a sales catalog, take care of the commercial system, and provide a tool for managing sales and tasks related to the sales process.

The Solution: We created a kind of Kanban, completely customized, where you can keep track of pending items and tasks to be done within a specific sales process. We also developed a reporting tool with specific filters so that the person responsible can see the pending activities and their information.

Results: To make it easier to keep track of activities, we added a KanBan-style calendar, where you can see activities by week, month, and their respective information. A page was also added for users to follow up and finalize their activities, and a menu where reports can be generated to follow up activities.


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