Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
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Ano após ano, o interesse do público e das empresas cresce com o tema da inteligência artificial e, hoje em dia, há muitas aplicações neste campo da ciência da computação e prevê-se que muito mais novas aplicações serão desenvolvidas ao longo do tempo.

Dois exemplos práticos de IA são a classificação e a otimização de informações processadas que dão à máquina o poder de aprender e concede a capacidade de cruzar dados para selecionar ou reduzir energia, dados, tarefas e / ou processos.

O que é inteligência artificial?

Essentially, it’s a technological and scientific branch that has the objective of research, develop and create a machines that are increasingly more independent and intelligent based on information that is given to them.

Artificial Intelligence AI, is the learning of a subject in order to generate knowledge similar to humans, allowing perception, decision making and problem solving about the subject, this intelligence is applied to software, systems and robots for automation and enhancements.

Today, artificial intelligence is already present at games, software, applications, robots, voice recognition, chatbots and other technologies.

How AI was invented?

A researcher and book author of greater influence in the field of Artificial Intelligence Pamela McCorduck describes AI as “an old desire to forge gods”.

Everything indicates that this science was born in the ‘40’s, with the invention of the first digital programmable computer called “Colossus”, developed to process about 5.000 characters per second. After the invention of Colossus, researchers started to discuss the possibility of building an electrical brain.

As the years went by, new lines of study came up, and from the ‘60s onwards, it has adopted the name we all know today: Artificial Intelligence.

How AI works?

Controversial, but already present on our day-by-day, artificial intelligence needs the union of various technologies in order to be executed in an effective way. To some specialist, three factors are necessary:

  1. Great data processing equipments;

  2. Optimized data standardization, that analyse and process the informations;  

  3. A steady and constant production of knowledge and data to nurture the model.

A best practice recommended to all software developers of AI is the creation of “barriers” to restrict behaviour beyond the purpose to which the AI was created.  

Artificial Intelligence today

Aside from the fact that artificial intelligence is already present in the daily lives of people and companies, not every time they’re easily identified. See three very popular examples:

  • Google: the autocomplete tool on the search bar, that indicate suggestions of answers based upon your online behaviour through navigation data and most searched subject.

  • Siri: the virtual assistant for the iOS, macOS and watchOS, available for the products iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, Apple Watch and the Mac.

  • Facebook: facial recognition to tag people in photos.

Essa nova onda de informações ainda está em seu início, o que significa que veremos os próximos anos de desenvolvimento e avanço tecnológico. As futuras gerações serão capazes de testemunhar isso!



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