5 steps to create an application without knowing how to program

5 steps to create an application without knowing how to program
By  Admin  |   30 Apr 2021

Every day, we spend hours and hours going through our cell phones, browsing apps and social networks. With that in mind, companies are increasingly creating their own apps to attract new customers. But, for those who don't know anything about programming, developing an application seems like an impossible task, doesn't it? Not at all! Creating an application is simpler than you think!

With technology, it is possible to use a software that helps create an app, in an easy, fast way and that generates good results. Do you want to know more about it? Check out the list with 5 steps to create an application without knowing much about programming: 

How to create an application without knowing how to program?

Step 1: theme

Before creating the application, the first thing you need to be sure of is which segment your company operates: do you work with beauty, fashion, sports, technology, food? With this defined, it is easier to choose the design and features of the app.

Another topic that deserves attention is the target audience and the competition. Who will your app be designed for? What are the user's expectations? How can your app be different from the one used by the competitor? Keep in mind that your application will be created to meet your customer's needs, so thinking about these issues is critical.

Step 2: functionalities

Once you understand the customer's expectations and needs, it's time to think about the app's features!

If you want to create an e-commerce app, for example, you will need to register customers, manage products, adjust prices, monitor the rating, among other things.

For the customer, the indispensable functions are: shopping cart, freight calculation, purchase check out, payment method and transport tracking.

Step 3: design 

This is the time for you to let your creativity guide you, but remember: the app must not only be beautiful, it must also be functional.

To develop the design, think as if you’re an user: what would you like to see in the app? What should the menu look like? What about the buttons? Which icon would get your attention the most? You can also think about the details of interactivity, animation, screen movement, among other things.

A good alternative to develop the layout of the app is to create a sketch on paper, so you can easily view where each menu, functions and even the colors of your application will be displayed.

Step 4: development

Now, it's time to put your idea into practice! There are three options for developing the application:

Do it yourself: this option requires time and knowledge in programming languages, so if you do not have the necessary skills, the ideal is to invest in other alternatives.

Hire a developer: there are good development companies in the market that can create applications. However, depending on the case, the cost of the service may be above budget, as this is the most expensive option among the others.

Use an app builder: much like builders like WordPress, an app builder allows people without knowledge of code and programming to create an app. This is the best option for those who need to save time and money!

Here at Easy, for example, our customers have the convenience of Easy Builder, an online software development tool code. With it you can create the application the way you want, without needing a computer or programming skills. Besides that, Easy Builder offers other functionalities, such as Kanban, visibility and field requirements, alerts and routines, reports, control panel, MVP, calendar and much more! 

Step 5: tests    

You don't want to launch your application full of errors, do you? To prevent this from happening, it is important to perform code tests and application flow. Test the speed of the app, investigate if the functions are working correctly and see if it is not failing.

In addition to making sure that everything is working well, you can also ask external people to test the app, after all, receiving user feedback is a great opportunity to make your application even better!

And now, how to launch the application?

After you've thought about the concept, design and developed the app, it's time to launch it! To do this, you need to find out about the specific requirements to publish your app on the Apple Store, Google Play and other app stores.

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